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Panama City is the main location of the Province of Panama, and is also the capital of the country.   It is situated on the Pacific Coast and it is the principle commercial center with the most modern and successful banking center in all of Latin America, offering investors over 100 Banks; and it has become a hub for high rise buildings (boasting eight of the ten tallest skyscrapers in Latin America).  The City enjoys five large multilevel malls and many five star restaurants rivaling those in other metropolitan city throughout the world.

 The cosmopolitan and impressive modern Latin American, Panamanian city, has many high rise buildings overlooking the ocean and the Bay of Panama.  It has earned the title “The Crossroads of the World”, because of its proximity to the Canal.  Its temperature averages highs of 87 degrees and lows of 73 degrees.

Diverse Mixture of People

Panama City’s population is about 1 million and growing, and has a diverse mixture of people, which is evident in its houses of worship.  It is not uncommon to see along with its Roman Catholic churches, synagogues, and mosques, one of the World’s seven Baha’i houses of worship, the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Central America, a prominent Hindu temple, and gathering houses for every conceivable Protestant congregation.  It is believed that some of the tourists passing through loved the city so much that they decided to stay and make it their home.

However the main focus that draws all these people together is business.  Deals are being made everywhere at all times, from individuals purchasing cell phone accessories at crowded street corners to developers who are working diligently to negotiate deals that would enable them to build on every square centimeter of open space, thus making the city a more stable and desirous entity.   



Panama City Has Numerous Tourist Attractions

1)         The vaults, a waterfront promenade jutting out into the Pacific;
2)         The National Institute of Culture Building and across from it, the French
3)         The Cathedral on Plans de la Cathedral;
4)         Theatre National, a recently renovated performance center, which seats about 800 guests.                            
5)         Inter Oceanic Canal Museum;
6)         Numerous restaurants located near the French Embassy;
7)         Palacio del las Garzas (Heron’s Palace) the official name of the Presidential palace.                   

Further southwest of one can climb Ancon Hill and get an overview of the city, with a spectacular view of the well-known Bridge of the Americas spanning over the Panama Canal.  There is only one other bridge over the Panama Canal, the Centenario Bridge, which was completed in 2003 and, that too, is now becoming an attraction.

However, the biggest tourist attraction is the Panama Canal, which is called the eight wonder of the word.  It is Panama’s most impressive achievement and many visitors are surprised how much the Panama canal looks like a wide, slowly flowing jungle river instead of a highly mechanical system of pumping stations and locks.


Day Life – Shopping!  It is no surprise that Panama City is called, “a bargainer’s paradise” or “a shopping Mecca”.   Thanks to the Free Trade Zones, shopping is the second most popular sport in the city after partying.  Everything one can think of is available in Panama!  Visitors from all over the world are buying and selling products, many at dirt-cheap prices.

Night-life –The City of Panama offers world class Casinos, restaurants, discotheques, bars and floor shows.   There are restaurants beyond belief—there menus will rival those of New York City or any other big city in the word and you can even choose from Peking, Tokyo, or Seoul.



You should not leave this Panama without a visit to Panama City.  With hundreds of years of history which live on in its streets, and its modern attractions and international restaurants and, of course, it’s Canal you are sure to miss out in a thrill of a lifetime. 


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