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With property values in parts of the world hitting record highs, many real estate enthusiasts are opting to purchase beautiful homes in Central America’s “Panama” for a fraction of the cost. Wealthy individuals are flocking to Panama from all over the world to invest in Panama real estate—America predominantly—for several reasons:

Taxes in Panama for individuals with foreign income are a fraction of what most countries charge. It encourages the foreign investor with tremendous benefits, including 20 year tax exemption on new real estate property construction and no taxes on foreign income as well as no withholding taxes.
Relax and Enjoy the Spectacular Views

Panama is an exotic paradise and may be one of the most breathtaking countries in Central America, boasting beautiful skyline aesthetically comparable to many major U.S. cities. It possesses hundreds of miles of unspoiled beaches, beautiful mountain scenery, temperate climates with exotic rainforests and no hurricanes. 

Panama also has rural jungles and countryside that remain untainted by human interference. There are beautiful parks throughout the country and Panama is home to one of the Eight Wonders of the World – The Panama Canal. This country is a real beauty to withhold. 

Its atmosphere is much more laid back – In the U.S. there are regulations and restrictions for everything, but Panama offers a much more relaxed culture, which you immediately notice upon stepping off the plane. The Panamanian people are peaceful, friendly and fun-loving.

Retire in Panama

Among the many enlightened individuals taking advantage of Panama’s red-hot market, are the retirees.

It is expected that 80 million baby boomers will retire in the next 5-10 years, and 5% are expected to move to a tropical destination; and it is no real surprise that about one million of which are likely to call Panama their home. Together with quality construction at reasonable prices, excellent rental returns, exceptional room for capital growth on investment property, waterfront investment property in paradise and the property tax exemptions, Panama becomes an extremely desirable place to invest in your future!

Retire in the Paradise of Panama

Also, this tiny Central American country offers safety, affordability and accessibility packed into a beautiful, tropical landscape, bounded by the bluest seas, hundreds of miles of white-sand beaches, and thriving natural wonders. 

Special Benefits for Retirees

Panama boasts the world’s most generous program of special benefits for retirees, it offers easy access from the U.S., its cost of living is low, the landscapes and coastlines are beautiful, its population is friendly and warmly welcomes foreign residents and investors, and its capital, Panama City, is without peer in the region. All this, and still Panama is said to possess some of the least expensive real estate in the Caribbean.

Some other benefits that Panama offers retirees investing in their real estate are as follows:

  • 50% off all entertainment, including movies, theatre, concerts, as well as recreation, cultural, sporting events, and more.
  • 25% off restaurant prices.
  • 25% off airfare with private or public, national or foreign companies.
  • 15% off hospital and private clinic services.
  • 20% off general and specialist medical consultations and surgeries.
  • 15% off dental and eye exams.
  • 20% discount for technical and professional services,(lawyers, architects, nurses, physical therapists, etc.).
  • 20% off the price of any prosthesis device and assistance accessories.

Also, when buying real estate in Panama, you will receive special offers such as: 50% off closing costs of personal and commercial loans; 15% off maximum interest rate on personal and commercial loans, and 1% off interest rate for home loans on personal residence

It’s no wonder then, that Panama has been ranked the number one retirement destination in the world for six consecutive years by International Living and it is quite clear why the real estate in this country is so appealing for North American retirees. 


Brand New Developement Properties

Booming Market for Everyone

Panama’s real estate market is red-hot and getting hotter, and this is really the first time in the history of the country that large numbers of foreigners are ready to invest millions of dollars in their real estate, and buy their dream home.

So, whether you are looking to buy a retirement home in Panama or investing in the perfect vacation home or simply wish to take advantage of the growing real estate market, now is the time to do it.  Do not procrastinate—Panama has too much to offer and you do not want to miss out in this opportunity of a lifetime!

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